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Learning in the library

Defining, Locating, Selecting, Organising, Presenting and Assessing

Student learning is based on the information process cycle. Information skills are taught within the context of syllabus units and adhere to the information skills of defining, locating, selecting, organising, presenting and assessing.

Relevant web links are saved to a 'Library Links' page and a Library Website where students can more quickly access their student portal, search engines, online encyclopaedias and dictionaries, the N.S.W. Premier's Reading Challenge,  a variety of online presentation tools, keyboard skill practice, writing support, Mathematics and Literacy games, online museums and art galleries and stage unit links for Kindegarten and Year 1 to Year 6. Students are taught to log on to their desk top and a variety of search methods.

We are continuing our subscription to the World Book Encyclopaedia. 'Oliver' offers a direct link to this resource through student portals/ Kidspace. All teachers and students have been provided with the relevant username and password.

Learning in the Library 

  • Kindergarten - Students in Kindergarten will participate in a library induction during term 1. They will learn about book care, how to use the library and how to borrow our books. There will also be a literature enrichment component to our Library time.
  • Year 1  to Year 2 - Year 1 to  Year 2 students will be studying a 'Geography unit- features of places- Australian beaches'. In the library, we will view a visual presentation identifying the elements of a variety of beach environments. Students will use Google Earth to locate their favourite beach and identify its particular geographical elements as well as any associated built environment. The Microsoft Paint program will used to reflect their learning.
  • Year 3 to Year 4 - Year 3 to Year 4 students will be studying a 'Geography unit- places are similar and different' where students will explore the climates of Australia. Library lessons will focus on two rainforests in different climate zones. Students will locate data from provided links in addition to non fiction texts to complete a comparison table.
  • 4/5C- As this is a cross year class the learning will be slightly modified to that of Year 5 to Year 6 library lessons. Students will study the 'Geography unit, A diverse and connected world'. This unit has a focus on Australia's connections with Asia and the rest of the world. We will explore and reflect on Australia's connections with Korea (North and South)
  • Year 5 to  Year 6 - Year 5 to Year 6 students will follow the 'Geography unit, a diverse and connected world.