Bossley Park Public School

Telephone02 9610 6286

Borrowing information

Students usually borrow with their class during timetabled class visits however they can also visit the library at regular opening times to return and borrow books and magazines. Students can also return and borrow at other times after consulting with the Teacher Librarian.

Students are encouraged to borrow a total of 4 books from our fiction and non fiction. They are also able to borrow DMags. DMag can be read as part of the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge. We are now subscribing to 'The School Magazine' some of which can also be read as part of the Premier's Reading Challenge. There are four levels available. 

School library bag

We highly encourage all students to have their own library bag (preferably a school library bag available from the school canteen at a cost of $12). These are the best bags as they protect our books and will last for the students entire primary education. Please make sure that your child's name is written in text on the bag. 

There is a 2 week borrowing cycle but students can extend loan times upon request. Students who lose books are expected to pay the replacement cost.

Searching for library books online

There is now an easier way to look for books at our school library. It is through the student portal.

What you need to do:

  1. Log onto student portal using your username and password that you use at school, example john.smith and your password
  2. On your homepage, click on the 'oliver' icon seen in the red box below.
  3. A new window will pop up and that is where you type the name or author of the book (seen in the red box). Remember to press the blue arrow to start searching!
  4. The results of the search will appear. It will tell you if they have any copies available. If it has 0 of 1, this means that someone is still borrowing it. 1 of 1 means that you can borrow the book. If you click on the search, it gives information about the book. 

Happy searching!