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Road safety

Bossley Park Public School welcomes careful and safety conscious road users.

The roadways near our school can become very busy just before and just after school hours. With such an abundance of pedestrian and motor traffic at these times, we ask our parents and local citizens to be especially careful to safeguard the well being of our children.

The school has a zone called a Kiss and Drop zone. Kiss and Drop zones have special rules to ensure student safety - and when used correctly, will make it easier and faster to set down and collect students.

When in a Kiss and Drop zone, please do the following;

  1. drive to the very front of the zone (or as far towards the front as you can)
  2. do not leave the car unattended
  3. remain at the zone for as brief a time as possible (2 minutes recommended)
  4. ensure that children exit the car on the kerb side (example from the passenger seat or the rear seat behind the passenger seat
  5. ensure that seat belts remain buckled until the car is stationary, or before the car begins to move out from the kerb

Please note:

Never double park or make a U turn in a Kiss and Drop zone and never park or stop your vehicle in a bus zone

Safety around pedestrian crossings

Students must use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road. When arriving at the crossing, stop, look, listen and think. Under no circumstances should children be encouraged to hurry across the road in response to the sound of a horn or a call. Unfortunately many young people are seriously injured as a result of a distraction.

  • Please always follow the directions of the school crossing supervisor. These officers are professionally trained to ensure smooth flow of traffic and pedestrian safety.
  • Please exercise caution when driving past the school gate. There is always the possibility of a student making an unexpected movement.

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